Ah yes, yet another messaging app to clutter your app drawer...

We can't really claim anything technologically brilliant above the Signals and Telegrams of the world... none of us have computer science degrees, none of us went to top 10 colleges, none of us got anything but participation awards in life, we all got rejected from Google, and our lead developer lives by himself with his two rabbits. But we are tenacious, and we built this platform and use it because we believe in it and its power to keep our privacy protected.

But there is something else. While this project started out as a fun messenger, it evolved for a greater purpose... We saw the amount of revenge porn and sextortion running rampant on the internet and destroying lives, no thanks to the rise of messaging apps, so we decided to implement features to combat this.

We proudly now market LiteWire as an anti-sextortion, anti-revenge-porn platform, giving you control over your private content and the security knowing that no betrayal of another's trust will go unpunished. Some people say, we are encouraging people to send lewd, inappropriate, unprofessional, etc. etc content to each other and that is bad. To which, we say... the internet is 90% porn. Stop blaming normal people engaged in normal consensual behavior and start blaming the ones who are out to destroy lives. We are about turning around this slut-shaming, victim-blaming culture and we are going to do it by squashing one bug at a time.

Terms of Service
By using LiteWire, you agree to not engage in malicious behavior towards other users. If you are being harassed, threatened, or extorted by another user, please contact raid00@litewire.app immediately. All malicious users will be banned from the platform. In the meantime, you can block users by deleting them and changing your username. Users you have in your current buddylist will remain and will be updated of your new username.
Why use us?

Because we put the control in ctrl+z. We wouldn't share embarrassing pictures of each other on an app we didn't trust. We made this because we wanted to be able to take back anything we sent and know that our content was secure. Other end to end encrypted messaging systems mine your metadata, or don't allow you the content control options we wanted.

We are the only app to bring you all of the following:
The biggest but boringest topic, security:

We designed this platform for the everyday person, so we aren't going to claim our code is academically Olympics-level or will protect you against an army of quantum computers trying to break your security and steal all your selfies and sunset pics. If you are a most-wanted dissident in a totalitarian country and are regularly hunted by government chronies, we can't guarantee our app is so secure that you won't get beheaded. But the truth is, no one can. Our app is good enough for the everyday jackass like ourselves. It is fully end-to-end encrypted and for someone to try to snoop on your conversations would take a prohibitively large amount of resources and money.

That being said, we are perfectly happy with sharing the cryptographic code of LiteWire with whoever would like to review and roast it. In short, it uses the infamous double-ratchet elliptic curve encryption algorithm. We aren't comfortable just yet posting the code on the open internet because we are fearful of someone stealing the code and rebuilding the app from scratch, but email us at droidrage@litewire.app and we will be happy to talk. We are always looking to improve and take feedback well.

The following is a list of security features of LiteWire mobile that make it a desirable app for privacy that fit our needs and will hopefully win you over too: