Putting the control in ctrl+z
Rewind your messages, photos, and regrets with the only messenger that protects your content from ex's, Apples, Googles, and Governments.

Take security to the real world with a distress beacon that sends your emergency contacts your location and mic input of your surroundings. We hope you use every feature of LiteWire except this one.
Ah yes, yet another messaging app to clutter your app drawer... so why use us?
We can't really claim anything technologically brilliant above the Signals and Wickrs of the world... none of us have computer science degrees, none of us went to top 10 colleges, none of us got anything but participation awards in life, all of us got rejected from Google, and our lead developer lives by himself with his two rabbits. But we built this platform because we needed a level of privacy and protection not found in any other app. We all need an app that lets us ctrl+z anything we send and protects us from screenshots. And for real world security, what sets this app apart from the others is the emergency signal feature that sends continual updates of your location and audio of your surroundings to your emergency contacts until you mark yourself safe.

Most importantly, we are dedicated to serving our people. Message us anytime on Reddit at encrypted_world with questions, feature requests, suggestions, bug finds, or tips. We're responsive! Again, lead developer lives alone with two rabbits!
Cyber security and real world security:
★ Sign up is... a joke, as it should be! All you need is a username you make up. Our sign up is completely anonymous and nothing is tracked, recorded, or backed up to any cloud. Lose any app that makes you give up your phone number or even an email address!

★ Messages are end to end encrypted: no one but you and your buddies can see your communications. Data is also encrypted at rest so that anyone who compromises your physical device will not be able to see anything.

★ Launch a distress beacon to your close buddies, who will then receive your location and microphone recordings of your surroundings until you mark yourself safe.

★ Content you mark as private is encrypted and cannot be viewed in anything but LiteWire.

Control in the past, present, and future:
Delete any message, including the photo/video content, from all recipient devices.

★ ... or you can wipe the entire conversation, from all parties' devices. This wipes all photos, videos, and audio as well.

★ Protect against nonconsensual sharing with a customizable watermark that shows up on your private content on your buddy's device. This watermark can be made uniquely identifying to your buddy to deter leaking of your content.

★ Enforced screenshot accountability. The content that was screenshotted will be deleted along with the 50 messages before and after it.

Off-the-record messages will disappear after app is restarted.

★ Choose the amount of compression, if any, on photos you send.

The most fun you can have in a life-saving app:
Canvas feature for doodling and editing other people's doodles to troll and peeve your friends.

★ Edit any image you send before sending it.

★ A simple notepad in each chat allows everyone to view and add to a shared notepad in an easy-to-reach place.

★ Record voicenotes if you're tired of typing.

★ Go on a video call if you're tired of typing. It's peer-to-peer and end-to-end encrypted!

★ Search for and send gifs, either from your keyboard on Android or in the app on iOS.

★ Create a group chat and add as many users as you want.

Free. A handful of other apps have some of our good features, but charge you to play. Even if this is a tiny amount, no one wants to have to convince all their friends to buy a service just to talk to them. What is this, AOL from 1995?

The most important and least interesting topic, security:

We designed this platform for the average Joe with a healthy amount of paranoia, so we aren't going to guarantee anything if you're a dissident in a totalitarian country contemplating betting your life on a messaging app. But the truth is, no one can. Our app is good enough for the everyday peon like ourselves. It is fully end-to-end encrypted and for someone to try to snoop on your conversations would take a prohibitively large amount of resources and money.

That being said, here is a link to download our source code for iOS, which includes the three main modules where all the logic behind LiteWire encryption and message handling works. We redacted the part where we derive the content encryption key that protects users' private content, for obvious reasons. The password to the zip file is the lowercase name of this app (8 characters) and the current year (4 digits). LiteWire also includes an option to show network traffic in and out of the app, so you can see exactly what is being transferred and confirm that it is in fact end to end encrypted.

The following is a shortlist of security features of LiteWire:
Terms of Service
By using LiteWire, you agree to not engage in malicious behavior towards other users. If you are being harassed, threatened, or extorted by another user, please contact raid00@litewire.app immediately. Deleting users will effectively block them from communicating with you unless you accept them again. You can also change your username and buddies currently on your list will remain, while those you delete will no longer be able to find you.